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Series 3 Ball Marker


From start to finish, this unique ball marker is crafted in Grants Pass. The Stainless Steel is turned by our friends at Oregon Swiss Precision to our exact specifications. The wood is taken from our putter scraps, laser cut to the precise shape, and hand-sanded to fit. It is then polished and stamped by hand. Only 10 available.

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  • Only 10 made in this third run
  • Luxurious 29 grams
  • 1.405″ Diameter
  • Red/Purple Box Elder with Red/Pink Acrylic
  • Hand-pressed wood, sanded into each marker
  • Manufactured and finished in Grants Pass, OR
  • Hand-Stamped base marking the series number
  • Each wood piece is entirely unique
  • Series is from the same tree

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Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions1 x 1 in


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