Applegate: Bronze Finish

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Get your hands on a metal Applegate putter from the Bradley Putter Company. Designed in house and machined and finished in the USA, this putter is entirely unique and special. 350 grams, 3 deg loft, 70 deg lie, with a slight toe hang. Customize your putter below. Use the “Additional Notes” section to let me know what look you want for the wood insert. If there’s a wood putter picture on my instagram, provide the date of it and I can likely source material from that exact block that made the putter.

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  • Gripmaster Cabretta Leather.

    Paddle: large flat front. Oversize: mostly cylindrical.

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    Additional Notes

    What would you like for the insert? Any special color or wood type?


    If you're ordering a mallet, you will receive a mallet cover, not the blade pictured.

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    What color would you like for the exotic skin?

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    Stamp your initials or a short phrase into the metal backside of the ball marker.

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