LEFTY | Black Box Elder | Orange Acrylic Stripes | Mid Mallet

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Black Box Elder comes from Utah. It is dyed during the stabilization process, where we chemically petrify the wood.

A double river of orange acrylic helps with alignment.

The Luna shape is fantastic with any balance, and is perfect for the golfer who prefers blades, but wants the benefits of a mallet.

The weight is 378 grams, and cannot be changed.

This putter is finished and ready to customize. It will look exactly like the picture.

Choose your options and specs below.

Will ship within 1 week.

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    Gripmaster Cabretta Leather Grips

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    All of our shafts are made by True Temper. The colored options are powder coated for durability in Grants Pass, Oregon.

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    We can make your alignment lines any color you would like.

    Flat Howard's Feed-n-Wax finish, or a multi-coat spray-on Urethane UV coating.

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    Get a matching Stainless Steel ball marker made with wood from your putter.

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    Stamp your initials or a short phrase into the metal backside of the ball marker.

    If you're ordering a mallet, you will receive a mallet cover, not the blade pictured.

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    Anything else you want for the putter? Let me know below!

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