Bradley Putter


If you don’t have a specific custom putter design in mind, then this option is just for you. Rather than choosing every aspect of the design and following along every step of the way, simply tell us the color of acrylic you would like, a shape, and a length. We’ll then ship it within 2 weeks of the order.

If you want gloss, engravings, or to choose how the acrylic will look on your putter, then go the custom route. On custom projects, you get picture updates every step of the way, and I guarantee that you love everything about it.

For the look, it will be a natural-colored wood, selected by Bradley to look beautiful for your desired shape, with your choice of acrylic color poured onto the live edge. It will have the wax finish, a single white alignment line, a 3 degree loft, 70 degree lie angle, 350 gram head weight, and face balanced chrome shaft, with a midsize grip in a color that works well with the overall design.

Comes with an “Only You Can Prevent Three Putts” head cover.

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    Which color are you looking for? Is there a team or link you could provide that would let me know the general color to shoot for?

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    Your style can be shaped into any of the options below. This is only representative of the shape, not the final color or acrylic pattern.