Stabilized wood is harder than normal wood and isn’t affected by the weather. If your putter ever chips, cracks, or breaks in any way, simply return it for free refurbishment or replacement. The only time you’ll ever need to buy another putter is when you buy one for dad.


If your putter doesn’t feel like an extension of your soul, send it back within 60 days and we’ll alter it, make you a new one with better specifications for your individual swing, or provide a full refund.  Our putters are gorgeous, but they also feel like heaven.

This putter is the best thing I have ever felt, seen, or played with. For that not to be in the hands of every golfer in the golfing community is a shame! The weight is perfect along with every detail you have crafted! I can’t thank you enough for this. This is gonna be something that never leaves my bag till I die!

Carson Menzies

It’s hard to decide where to begin, my putter looks amazing, hits like a dream, and drops jaws everywhere. All this does nothing to tell the story of working with Brad and how he makes sure your putter turns out exactly like you want it. From conception to delivery it was awesome to see an almost hideous (shape, not grain or color) piece of wood turn into such a masterpiece.

Neal P

This putter is the best feeling, sounding, and (by far) looking putter I’ve ever used in my life. It’s absolutely amazing. The work you guys do is incredible. I’ll definitely be trying to get all my buddies to get one. Thanks for everything!!! I honestly never thought I’d find something to replace my Scotty but this is gonna be the one!

Broc J.

Dude. This putter is mind blowing. I haven’t felt anything this good, ever… Man, this is next level. I will be such a promoter of your putters and your work. Such a pleasure working with you, and such a dream to feel something this good.

Daniel K

My Bradley putter is unbelievable! Not only does it turn heads with its beautiful blue color, but astonishes people with the feel. I opted for a King style putter with a little more weight, this gave me the profile I like to look at with the abilities of the mallet. I’ve been thrilled with the way it rolls. Brad has been great working with. He was open with me during the building process and continues to talk with me about performance and durability, as I live in the desert heat. It’s really cool having a one of a kind putter that I customized to my needs. Love the thought of small brands gaining traction in the golf industry and allowing creativity and individuality.

Patrick W

These putters are game-changers. They look like a work of art, and they are deadly on the greens. They are as much a conversation piece as they are your new favorite club in the bag. I went from being a curious skeptic to being a diehard fan. Once I get one in my bag, I can’t imagine it ever coming out.

Ren G

Play Your Course

Bradley Putters do amazing work and my putting game has improved tremendously. Putter like no other! Thank you Brad!

Adam R

I’m a Bradley believer. Haven’t sunk more 20 footers on the course than I am now. Magic putters…

Nick B.

Founder, Puttskee

On the course, this putter was amazing.  The first time on the course in a month Steve made 4 birdies with it and only had 26 putts. The feel and ease of alignment made this putter one of the best we have tested.  And it is the best looking putter we have every used.

Steve McMillan

Founder and Editor, The Golfing Dads

My Bradley Putter is very special to me. It was the very first Bradley out of the hands Mr. Brad Converse himself. Not only did he absolutely customize it to the very specs I gave him, but his customer service the entire way through made me feel like I was right there with him building it. I am a minus/scratch competitive golfer and have owned a Scotty Cameron and a Bettinardi and this Bradley Putter hands down feels better than any “high” end Putter but it performs like it.
100% Recommend these putters to anyone that enjoys quality handmade products with a company that backs their product.

Jaycob F.

Aspiring Professional Golfer

I recently received my putter from the kickstarter program and I must say, it exceeded my expectations! The feel is amazing and the quality is top notch! A slight hiccup with the putter head while inserting the shaft, but it was corrected and the end product was perfect! Awesome customer service and awesome product; what more could you ask for.

Ruben R

Bradley Putters are a game changer, they have a contagious feel that performs and looks exactly how you need it to.

Ryan Melnychuk

Professional Golfer

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    Charcoal Fitted Hat with Leather Patch

  • Mystery Ball Marker

  • Custom Ball Marker


Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal?

Yes! All of our putters conform to the rules of golf and can be used in tournaments. We can provide paperwork if needed.

Will it dent?
In short, no. In long, there’s a reason that your bag has clubs named a 3 wood and 5 wood. Our game of golf started with wood. And if you’re hitting your putter as hard as a driver, you might want to work on your club selection.
What if I need my putter repaired or replaced?
Contact us and let us know what you need changed or fixed. We’ll provide an RMA number and shipping label. Once we receive it, we’ll try to make the requested change. If the alteration isn’t possible, we’ll send you a new putter that’s close to your original color. We cover the shipping the first time. You cover the shipping every time after that.
I have a burl on my property. Can you turn it into a putter?
Contact us! If you’re west of the Rockies, we can very likely come pick it up and return you a custom putter within 1 month. If you’re elsewhere, you would have to ship it.


M – F : 10am – 5pm PST
Phone 541.740.9098
Email [email protected]
310 SW 6th St
Grants Pass, OR 97526


Bradley Converse started the Bradley Putter Company in December of 2016. He left behind a career of designing military equipment to survive nuclear blasts for the opportunity to design unique statement pieces for the distinguished golfer.