Which Shape Should I Choose?

I recommend you choose the shape that most closely matches your current putter. If you’re looking to choose the best putter, choose the largest one that you would feel comfortable swinging. The larger the putter, the higher the MOI, which means more forgiveness on off-center hits.

How Do I Choose My Shaft?

If your stroke is straight back and straight through, go with a center shaft or a double bend face balanced, depending on what suits your eye. If you have some arc to your stroke, you’ll want a double bend toe hang. If you have a lot of arc, go with the straight shaft heel.

Where Do You Get Your Wood?

All of our wood comes from Oregon Burls. They make the highest quality stabilized wood in the world.

Are They Wood or Stone?

They’re wood! We don’t make any stone putters. We do mix acrylic into some for added color.

What is Stabilized Wood?

Stabilized wood has been infused with a hardening agent that makes it almost as hard as brass. That means it won’t be affected by the weather, and will remain deadly for years to come.

Why Do Only Some Blocks Allow Mallets?

Some of our wood blocks are only big enough for blade putters. We still list them, but don’t allow you to select a shape that’s larger than the block.

How Do I Choose the Loft?

If you have a pretty normal swing, choose 3 degrees. If you add a lot of “forward press”, add some degrees. If the ball is really far forward in your stance, and you feel like you’re swinging up on it, choose less loft.

How Do I Choose The Lie Angle?

If you stand a normal distance from the ball, choose 70 degrees. If you stand farther away, so that the ball isn’t under your eyes, choose a lower angle like 68. If you stand very close to the ball, so that your eyes are almost past it, choose a higher angle, like 72.

What is Hand Burning?

We take a wood burning tool and burn your desired text onto the putter head.

What is Laser Engraving?

We engrave your uploaded logo onto the putter, and then paintfill it your desired colors.