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Heirloom Putters

A Bradley Putter not only captures a story, it ensures that it’s told and remembered forever. True heirloom pieces, meant to be played and enjoyed. The feel off the face is second to none. Sacrifice nothing with a Bradley.

There’s several ways you can start your putter. Send in your own wood, and we’ll make something out of the tree you grew up climbing, a baseball bat you used to swing, or a branch from your favorite hole at your home course. You can also send other materials that we’ll embed under acrylic.

We can also choose the colors of wood and acrylic for your putter, without needing to send any wood or materials. We have access to the most beautiful woods in the world. Engrave names or images onto the putter, and choose your own specs and accessories.

Most people browse the website for inspiration, and then call Bradley to place their order. He will work with you on a design to match your idea, incorporating new materials and methods that may never have been done before. When you’re ready to talk about what’s possible, schedule a call with Bradley.

What gives a Bradley its legendary feel?

There’s a few things at play here. First is the drastically different densities of the stabilized wood and lead, which causes internal shockwaves to rebound. This makes for a dynamic and complex vibrational field, since there are so many internal weights.

Second, symmetry of these weights makes for low frequencies when they are excited simultaneously (this makes the sweet spot feel like butter). Off-center hits cause the internal weights to rebound the shockwave at different times, which creates higher frequencies and feels sharper in your hands.

Picture that you’re sitting above a pond, and there’s rocks coming out of the water symmetrically around you. If you drop a pebble right in the middle of all of them, the waves will hit all of the rocks at the same time, and it will look clean. If you drop a pebble off center, the wave will hit some rocks before it hits the others, and the whole surface will look chaotic.

Each shape has a specific pattern for the weights. Each weight is then chosen for each putter based on the density of each individual block.

I’m a mechanical engineer that spent 10 years designing military equipment to survive nukes, so I’m pretty good at vibrational dynamics.