I worked 10 years as a military contractor designing military equipment to survive nuclear blasts. in December 2016, the company I worked for told me that I would have to move to Virginia to keep my job. I respectfully declined, knowing that I was ultimately called to serve the Southern Oregon community. While at the Mother Goose store on Black Friday, I got the idea to build golf putters out of burl wood. I called my friend Greg Dahl at Oregonburls.com, acquired some Olive burl, and made two prototypes. Within one week of the idea, I had putters in golfers’ hands. They loved the feel, and I knew we were on track. We don’t use any CNC machines, only table saws, bandsaws, belt sanders, orbital sanders, and a drill press. Our decades of experience with engineering and woodworking ensure tight tolerances and deadly accurate putters.

Within 3 weeks of the first idea, we had been invited to the PGA Merchandise Show by our friends at The Puttskee. Golf.com did an article on the best new products at the whole show, and chose ours as first. We were definitely the newest, but to be at the top of the article was unreal. Our local paper put us on the front page, and then we were invited onto the Next On The Tee Podcast. We’ve been to the Greater New England Golf Expo, Portland Golf Expo, the Seattle Golf Show, and the Dallas Golf Show. I love watching people’s reactions when they expect the gorgeous putters to feel lousy, only to comment “how does this feel so good?”

We’ve hired our first employee, Bret Lucas, who happens to be a woodworker that loves golf. We spend each day hand-crafting one-of-a-kind masterpieces that drain putts, look like art, and help build our community in Grants Pass, Oregon. One of our mottos is to always buy the closest thing, not the cheapest thing. Buying a Bradley Putter means that you support American-Made, American-Sourced, and Family-Run Small Business in Small Town America. We stand behind our products, and know that you will love your putter as much as we loved hand-crafting it.

Brad Converse