Nothing Less Than Custom

From tree to green, your putter will be handled by artisans all along the way. If you wish to be part of the process, you can even select which block of wood to start with. The shape, loft, lie, mass, center of gravity, shaft, and grip can all be precisely designed for your specific swing. 

Just finished putting with this beautiful product! Who knew burl wood had such great feel! Loved it! Move over Odyssey, I need room in my bag… Phil R.

Lifelong golfer

I’m a Bradley believer. Haven’t sunk more 20 footers on the course than I am now. Magic putters… Nick B.

Founder, Puttskee

It’s unreal… feels like butter off the face. It’s perfect! Jaycob F.

Aspiring Professional Golfer

It is by far and above the best gift I have ever given! The look on my dad’s face when he got his dream putter made me just the happiest son in the world and I can’t thank you enough for that! Connor B.


When a tree is attacked by insects, mold, or a virus, it sometimes creates a round, rare burl. The grain becomes tighter and swirls, such that no two could ever be the same. These knots also dramatically increase the strength of the wood, ensuring a long life for your new favorite club.


We stand behind our products. If your putter ever chips, cracks, or breaks in any way, simply return it for free refurbishment or replacement. The only time you’ll ever need to buy another Bradley Putter is when you buy your second. And third. And one for dad.


Buy with confidence. If your putter doesn’t feel like an extension of your soul, send it back within 60 days and we’ll alter it or make you a new one with better specifications for your individual swing. We can match almost any loft, lie, weight, and center of gravity you desire.


Each putter is responsibly sourced from the West Coast of the United States of America. Our supplier,, often salvages burls from mulch yards, and is world-renowned for their high quality stabilized wood. It is hardened, water resistant, and warp-proof.





Frequently Asked Questions

Will it dent?
In short, no. In long, there’s a reason that your bag has clubs named a 3 wood and 5 wood. Our game of golf started with wood. And if you’re hitting your putter as hard as a driver, you might want to work on your club selection.
How does it feel?
Soft, solid, and smooth. Cheap metal putters must have a grooved face to feel soft. A Bradley Putter is soft by nature. The technology hidden within the single block of wood ensures a pure feel and responsive club face.
What if I need my putter repaired or replaced?
Contact us and let us know what you need changed or fixed. We’ll provide an RMA number and shipping label. Once we receive it, we’ll try to make the requested change. If the alteration isn’t possible, we’ll send you a new putter that’s close to your original color. We cover the shipping the first time. You cover the shipping every time after that.
I have a burl on my property. Can you turn it into a putter?
Contact us! If you’re west of the Rockies, we can very likely come pick it up and return you a custom putter within 1 month. If you’re elsewhere, you would have to ship it.


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Bradley Converse started the Bradley Putter Company in December of 2016. He left behind a career of designing military equipment to survive nuclear blasts for the opportunity to design unique statement pieces for the distinguished golfer.